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“Business?illustration?meeting?of?ASUNG?Fluctuant?Instrument”?was?held?successfully?in?Yantai   |  DATE:2013-7-10

“Business illustration meeting of ASUNG Fluctuant Instrument” was held for the first time in Ynatai factory on March 28, 2013, where involved more than 100 comers with intentions to the product nationwide.

On the business illustration meeting, Chairman Jin Renxiang made his welcoming speech firstly, and then the company staff successively introduced the development prospect and investment income of this product, and even there were dealers appearing to tell the life changes brought by operating health club. The atmosphere was warm and the participants agreed on that the products and operating methods would bring endless opportunities and have broad market develop prospect. After fully understand the product, the participants signed agency agreement of intent with the company on the spot, expressing that they would complete the preparations for the opening in a short period.

ASUNG fluctuant instrument is a kind of high-tech product following the market development tendency and meeting the dual demands of modern people on health and beauty, which integrates laser, ultrasound and low and medium frequency function as a whole to stimulate nerve, muscle and bone connection, strengthen cell’s metabolism activity, accelerate melting body fat, increase skin compactness, promote blood circulation, regulate organ functions and balance yin and yang through treating deficiency with tonification and excess with purgation, thus achieving multiple effects of fitness, regimen, beauty and bodybuilding.

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